Pears in wine with spices

Autumn desserts are especially warm and delicious, quite often, with the addition of fragrant spices. Pears in wine – a French classic!

Amazingly delicious dessert and holiday table decoration.

Ingredients needed for cooking —->


  1. Pears – 8 pcs.
  2. Organic sugar “Dobryk” – 500 g.
  3. Sugar with orange peel and cinnamon “Dobryk” – 1 tbsp.
  4. Lemon juice – 150 ml.


  1. Sugar with lemon zest and ginger “Dobryk” – 1 tbsp.
  2. Sugar with cinnamon and cloves “Dobryk” – 1 tbsp.
  3. White dry wine – 500 ml.

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  1. Peel the pears.
  2. Mix wine, lemon juice, organic sugar “Dobryk”, sugar with cinnamon and cloves “Dobryk”, sugar with orange peel and cinnamon “Dobryk” and sugar with lemon peel and ginger “Dobryk” in a saucepan, cook syrup. Bring to a boil.
  3. Dip pears in boiling syrup and cook on low heat for 30 minutes.
  4. The finished pears should change color to golden.
  5. Be sure to refrigerate before serving the pears.

Bon appetit!

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